About DK Energy Solution

We are a startup venture that deals with solar grid energy. Our team consists of renowned experts from the field of renewable energy, finance, operations & sales to give excellent outcome of the projects being handled by us. We give our clients a detailed understanding about the products, services and technological advancement in the field of smart energies especially solar. We make our client aware about their current and future financial management thus helping them to contribute towards the renewable energies.

Our Mission

Making the industry aware about the profits from the solar energy, empowering them to be self-sustainable, while considering customer’s cost cutting factor in this economical era & keeping our solar panels affordable and economical.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to sustain, to see a cleaner and greener tomorrow where the future generations do not have to worry about the energy crisis. 

Message from our CEO

DK Energy Solution was founded on conviction that solar power is a clean, sustainable energy source which can be utilized to meet the energy requirements ranging from small residential units to mega commercial projects. Our fundamental aim is to offer reliable, efficient, intelligent solar systems. Today, the challenge facing solar energy is to become independent of subsidies and to produce solar electricity as quickly as possible at competitive prices, with the goal of achieving grid parity. With our eyes fixed on that target, our company has a unique position in terms of competitiveness by optimizing costs by adopting intelligent solutions to enhance grid integration. In this way, DK Energy Solution is a trusted source in this solar tech market. We believe you will enjoy the services of DK Energy Solution and will help us in improving by giving your valuable feed back.

Arvinder Singh,

Managing Director & CEO
Mobile: 98884-92243
Email Id: arvinder2829@gmail.com

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